4-H Digital Ambassators

Are you interested in technology? Do you want to teach people how to use it? Have you wanted to take a larger role in bettering your community?


If you said yes to any of these questions I need your help! Microsoft has teamed up with the National 4-H Council to create 4-H Digital Ambassadors. This is a yearlong program where youth and adults have the opportunity to teach the public about broadband access, internet usage, and how to use electronic devices. Currently I am looking for one youth who is willing to attend the training in Chicago on March 14-16th. This training will help explain the program and the resources that we will be given for teaching. If you cannot attend the program but are interested in helping with this project don’t worry! When we return from the training we will be planning learning sessions and we will need plenty of volunteers for those as well!

There are not many requirements for this trip but with the travel I only ask that the youth who attends is comfortable with traveling in a group.

If you are interested in attending or want more information please feel free to contact me:

Andrea Rippley


Oneida: (715)365-2762

Price: (715)339-5339