Citizenship Washington Focus (CWF) 2020

Approximately 90 Wisconsin 4-H Youth register annually to attend this citizenship and leadership program held in Washington, DC. Through a series of participatory workshops, speakers, committee work, field trips and social events, participants learn the importance of social responsibility and what it means to be a civic leader.
• Only for 4-H’ers – CWF is the only national citizenship/leadership program offered exclusively to 4-H members.
• More than just monuments – CWF isn’t just another sightseeing trip to Washington DC. Our “focus” is life-long civic engagement, and delegates leave with a plan of action to tackle issues facing their own communities.
• Diversity and friendship – CWF is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to exchange ideas and share experiences with those from all across the country.
• 10th
-12th grade at time of selection. Minimum age 15 during trip.
• Register during registration periods
• Carry county approval throughout program. Check with your local office about scholarship opportunities.
• Delegates may only attend once as a youth.
Wisconsin delegations participate June 13-21 and July 4-12, 2020. (Dates listed include
travel days on Saturday and following Sunday.)
National 4-H Center, Chevy Chase, MD; nearby Washington D.C.; and Virginia
How Much?
• The total cost for the program is approximately $1,400.
• The Wisconsin 4-H Foundation sponsors a portion of the cost.
• Many county 4-H Youth Development programs provide partial local sponsorship
• The remaining amount is the responsibility of the delegate and his/her family.
For more information:
Check out these websites: and

Questions? Contact the State 4-H office at 608-263-5971.