4-H Forms


Charter Webpage  State 4-H Website page that describes the complete Charter process with all documents.

Audit Checklist  Form needed to complete the audit for the financial portion that is due September 1.

Charter Checklist  This form will help leaders complete the Charter. It is helpful to read through it FIRST.

Smart Goals Supplement  This document simplifies the process of creating Smart Goals.

Charter Annual Renewal  This form is the Charter Renewal form (pp.5-6 and supporting documents) are due September 1, Pages 1-4 are Due October 1.

Completing Wisconsin 4-H Charters 2020-21  This 12 minute video may be helpful in completing the Charter.

Completing Wisconsin 4-H Financial Records 2020-21  This 19 minute video may be helpful in completing the Financials.


  1. Scholarship Application Information 2018

SECRETARY BOOK FORMS – Forms should appear in your record book in this order

  1. Attendance Record
  2. Member Summary
  3. Club Activities
  4. Club Picture
  5. Minutes
  6. Club Story


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