University of Wisconsin-Extension programs in agriculture and natural resources help farmers and other citizens whose livelihood and quality of life depend on the land. Backed by University of Wisconsin research, agriculture and natural resources agents help people balance farm profitability and production of high quality food with a continuing concern for the environment.

What are the goals of UW-Extension programs for agriculture and natural resources?

  • Extension programs are designed to achieve specific outcomes for farmers and the general public. Improve agricultural profitability and assure food quality.
  • Enhance stewardship of the environment.
  • Assist homeowners, gardeners, and others with horticultural information.

What do UW-Extension programs do for farmers and other citizens?

  • Create farmer and business networks to share information, ideas and technology.
  • Improve agricultural practices to increase efficiency and competitiveness.
  • Manage and protect soil and water resources.
  • Help farmers adopt important farm safety techniques.
  • Help local officials and the general public understand how changing development pressure may affect

University of Wisconsin-Extension programs in Agriculture and Natural Resources help urban and rural people use research and knowledge to solve problems and take advantage of new opportunities. Agriculture and Natural Resources educators balance farm profitability and production of high quality food, horticulture crops, fiber and plant material with protection of the natural environment.

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