Community Development

University of Wisconsin-Extension programs help Wisconsin communities deal with their own unique challenges – resource constraints, business development, growth management, environmental protection and the quality of life.

What are the goals for UW-Extension programs for communities?

  • Community, Natural Resource and Economic Development programs are carefully designed to achieve specific outcomes for communities. Strengthen local government.
  • Enhance community and business development.
  • Protect natural resources and environment.
  • What do CNRED programs do for communities, business and the environment?

Extension programs include education to help communities.

  • Provide good jobs and essential services.
  • Protect water quality for future generations.
  • Manage and recycle waste.
  • Balance economic growth and environmental quality.
  • Manage and resolve land-use conflicts.

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If you have any questions regarding Community Resource Development in Price County, please contact:

Price County – UW Extension
Normal Building, Room 240
104 South Eyder Avenue
Phillips, WI 54555-1394
Phone: 715-339-2555
Fax: 715-339-3824