What is 4-H?

University of Wisconsin-Extension programs in 4-H give young people opportunities to learn new skills, gain self-confidence and contribute to their communities.

What are the goals of UW-Extension programs for young people?

  • 4-H programs are designed to achieve specific outcomes for youth. Develop capable and responsible young people.
  • Create community partnerships with meaningful roles for young people.
  • Prepare youth for work.
  • Enable youth to deal with violence in their communities.

What does 4-H do for kids? 4-H youth development programs teach young people to:

  • Develop and test practical living skills in a safe and supportive “real world” environment.
  • Become actively engaged in their communities and better informed about local issues.
  • Prepare for the world of work through direct experience with projects and activities that correspond to future career opportunities.
  • Experience success in a non-formal learning environment.
  • Develop communication and problem-solving skills through public presentation and group work.

What is the 4-H pledge? I Pledge

  • My HEAD to clearer thinking
  • My HEART to greater loyalty
  • My HANDS to larger service, and
  • My HEALTH to better living, for my Club, my Community, my Country, and my World.


In 4-H members explore the world around them!  4-H’ers are able to choose from a variety of projects that include animals, arts and crafts, foods, theater and much more!  As they explore these projects, 4-H members build skills that can last a lifetime. They can become club officers, activity leaders and project leaders. Whatever your location and interests, there is a place for you in 4-H!

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Visit the State 4-H web site for more information about 4-H.


If you have any questions regarding 4-H in Price County, please contact:


Extension Price County
Normal Building, Room 240
104 South Eyder Avenue
Phillips, WI 54555

Phone: 715-339-2555
Fax: 715-339-3027