Record Book

RECORD BOOK – Forms should appear in your record book in following order

  1. Picture Page (printable format)
  2. Table of Contents (printable format)
  3. Member Summary Page(printable format)
  4. Project Participation 11 & Under(printable format)
  5. Project Participation 12 & Older(printable format)
  6. County, District, State Activity Record(printable format)
  7. Project Plan & Evaluation (printable format)– one per project
  8. Financial Report (updated 2017)(printable format)– one per project
  9. Knowledge & Skills Gained(printable format)
  10. Guidelines for the FINANCIAL REPORT

Unsure how to complete your record book?  HELP HAS ARRIVED! A guide to completing Record Books will help you.

Record Book Score Sheet- 2018 (Reference Only)

More information on the process and NEW record book formats: Record Book Process

Ready to submit your Record Book? Use this list to see if you have everything completed.  Record Book Checklist


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