Market Animal Program


  1. To support a first hand experience in production agriculture with a focus on meat animals, i.e. steers, hogs and lambs.
  2. To further the interest and education of youth and their families in raising livestock for market.
  3. Support youth in developing life skills, i.e. record keeping ,reporting, management, responsibility, etc.
  4. Engage youth in reaching meat industry standards by employing effective management practices.
  5. Help youth understand marketing and profitability through project work.

Youth contract to raise steers, hogs, lambs and poultry/rabbits for the annual sale at the Price County Fair.


Adult Directors

Youth Directors

MacKenzie Lyons (Sheep)
James Lyons (Swine)
Kerigan Lebal (Beef)
Jesse Lebal (Small Animals)

Market Animal Commitee

All 4-H members and their parents and project volunteer leaders

Support Extension