4-H Awards


  • Achievement – each fall leaders receive a check list of 4-H club members. They are asked to check off if the individual has achieved. Youth achieving receive a disk for their plaques and credit for the years work in 4-H. Achievement may be measured differently with each club group. Be certain your club establishes a policy clearly identifying how one achieves. For example, Independent Members must, 1) complete project work, 2) show at a Fair, and, 3) complete their record book to achieve.
  • County Project Awards – are only awarded to youth who complete the green record book. Each club should establish a 1) deadline for submission to the club leader, 2) a core of volunteers to recommend youth in project areas, 3) a plan for submitting books and recommendations to the UW-Extension Office by deadline, and 4) appoint no less than one volunteer to assist with record book reviews at the county level. Project awards are given to individuals scoring 75 points or more at the county level..
  • 4-H Key Award – the highest distinction one can earn in the 4-H program. It recognizes leadership, project growth, community service and contributions to church and school. Recipients receive a certificate and key award charm/tie tac. This program is sponsored by Wisconsin Farm Bureau and Growmark, Inc. To apply for the Key Award you need to be in 9th grade or above, complete at least three years of 4-H, one year of youth leadership and turn in a portfolio to Price County Extension. The portfolio process includes submitting a cover letter and resume, a letter of recommendation, discussion question response and participate in an interview. Youth will receive a Portfolio Packet in the mail each fall.


  • Friend of 4-H –  given to honor individuals, agencies or organizations that have supported the 4-H program in Price County. These people are not enrolled members of 4-H.
  • 4-H Leader Awards (Outstanding 4-H Leader, Outstanding 4-H Club Leader and Outstanding Project or Activity Leader) – awarded to a leader who is recognized as giving substantial contribution to 4-H project leadership and/or 4-H program support.  Annual 4-H Award Nomination Form
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