FoodWIse responds to people’s needs

Although unemployment rates are lower than they were a few years ago, poverty is still a problem for many people, including senior adults and families, and the need for emergency food sources, such as food pantries, remains significant in Price County. FoodShare (also known as food stamps, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP) also provides an important safety net for many people at difficult times in their lives. Because many families are struggling to buy healthy, affordable food, the need for nutrition education is more crucial than ever. Participants in nutrition education programs include parents of infants or children; school-age youth; adults without children; and senior adults.

Evidence from the U.S. Department of Agriculture shows that after taking part in a well-designed nutrition education program that teaches how a good diet can benefit long-term health, participants adopt better food shopping practices and tend to make more healthful food choices at the store

Extension nutrition educators reach out to local learners

Extension nutrition educators reach and teach people in community settings.  

  • School-age youth.   Youth learn to choose and eat healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables.  Young children also learn about the importance of hand-washing to keep food safe to eat.
  • Parents.  Parents learn how to include more fruits and vegetables in their family meals and be good role models for their children.
  • Disabled adults.  Learners participate in lessons that help them become more self-sufficient when selecting and purchasing healthy food.
  • Senior Adults.  Senior adults learn new food shopping strategies to help them stretch their limited food dollars to purchase healthy foods.

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If you have any questions regarding FoodWIse in Price County, please contact:

Wendy Rebne, Nutrition Educator

Extension Price County
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Phillips, WI 54555
Phone: (715) 339-2555

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