4-H Club Officers

Being a Club Officer provides a special leadership opportunity and a great learning experience. Club Officers work to ensure your club has a successful 4-H year and each role and responsibility is of great importance! We are happy to have resources available to ensure you are prepared for this opportunity. If you are interested in learning more about which position you’d be interested in holding, please view the documents below. If there are any questions at any time, please contact our office @ 715-339-2555 and we can provide additional resources and learning opportunities! We look forward to working with you as you begin leadership in your 4-H club!

General Duties of Officers within a Club:

  • President: 
    • Presides at meetings
    • Gets room ready and begins meetings on time
    • Arranges for Vice President to preside at meetings when necessary
    • Asks for volunteers
    • Works with members and volunteers to plan programs
    • Meets with leaders and other officers to plan programs
    • Casts deciding vote in case of tie
    • For more information please read So you’re the club President (created by Michigan 4-H)
  • Vice President:
    • Presides at meetings when president is absent
    • Handles other jobs in club (presides as a chair of committee)
    • For more information please read So you’re the club Vice President (created by Michigan 4-H)
  • Secretary
    • Keeps minutes of all club meetings (written record of what is done and said)
    • Maintains a list of all members and calls roll
    • Reads any correspondence
    • Writes any club correspondence
    • For more information please read So you’re the club Secretary (created by Michigan 4-H)
    • Use the 4-H Secretary Book to keep your records – at the end of the year, turn your secretary book in to the Extension office with your club’s charter.
  • Treasurer
    • Attend mandatory treasurer training
    • Receives and keeps a record of money in the 4-H club treasury
    • Responsible for depositing money in the club account
    • Pays out approved money for the club
    • For more information please read So you’re the club Treasurer (created by Michigan 4-H)
    • Treasurer’s Club Financial Record (Online version of a checkbook register to make completing the Annual Financial report easier.) (You will need to make a copy in order to use it)
    • These four are essential for a successful club. Once these positions are filled and others would like leadership opportunities, these positions may be available:

      **Historian, News Reporter, Club Recreation Leader & Club Photographer**

  • Club Recreation Leader
  • Club News Reporter
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